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RSR 79 - A Cricket Podcast

March 28th, 2016

TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: T20 cleverness (including Steve Smith's wandering and Virat Kohli's cool), the all stars turning up for county cricket, Boom Boom exits without a bang and pitch vandals ruin the hopes of Kingsville Baptist Church Cricket Club. 

"The pitch had been dug up at both ends and this kind of oily substance had been poured all over it."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (14'03): The Benefit Season

"Credit must be go to Hamish Marshall for livening up his benefit season with an invitation to "Spend an evening with two hookers"." 

THE REVIEW (22'52): 10 for 10: Hedley Verity and the Story of Cricket's Greatest Bowling Feat  - Chris Waters

"Waters has not only written a tribute to Hedley's brilliance but a tribute to the cricket writers of the time."

Recorded on 28/3/2016