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RSR 57 - A Cricket Podcast

April 21st, 2014

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The Easter resurrection of Peter Moores, the talented Mr Mills, missing county cricket from Australia and a rainy false start for the village season. 

"Cricket is a wonderful sport for teaching us about dealing with failure and dashed expectations."

FROM THE ARCHIVES: A bowling machine called Merlyn

"It's artificial, like making love to a statue." 

THE REVIEW: No Holding Back - Michael Holding

"He owned the best petrol station in the entirety of Jamaica."

THE INTERVIEW: Phil Harrison

"Everyone who follows sport, wishes on some level that they'd made it."

THE DEBATE: "It's wrong that England are trying to take Paul Farbrace from Sri Lanka."

"There's a sense of England throwing their financial muscle around that makes me uncomfortable."

Recorded on 21/4/2014

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RSR 56 - A Cricket Podcast

March 23rd, 2014

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Everyone loves Nepal, a brilliant photo of "Cabbage" in Antigua, two tests does not a series make and Giles Clarke tries to censor Sky. 

"It's an ongoing shambles."

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Virginia Woolf and Cricket 

"There's a large gap between her bat and pad although ultimately there's no pad; just an ankle-length black dress."

THE REVIEW: Batting on the Bosphorus - Angus Bell

"Vladimir in Slovakia knocks on the door of 1300 villagers to recruit them for his team."

THE DEBATE: "Do England need more of Stokes' locker-punching spirit?"

"Surely a management that can come up with a manual on what the players should eat, should have the foresight to add some padding to the lockers in the changing room?"

Recorded on 23/3/2014

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RSR 55 - A Cricket Podcast

February 23rd, 2014

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WE'RE BACK! Now with "studios" in both London and Sydney . . . 

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: NZ are more than plucky outsiders, a big win for Ireland, the new gloom of a 2014 England fan and the story of one Englishman showing the Aussies how it's done. 

"I tried to play a flashing cover drive and completely missed it" 

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Gatting drops a dolly
The story of what might just be the worst drop in test cricket history. 

"I don't think you can reasonably blame it on a dodgy prawn curry"

THE REVIEW: We'll Get 'Em in Sequins: Manliness, Yorkshire Cricket and the Century that changed everything - Max Davidson

"The latest Colin Firth movie followed by Pizza Express. Quick vigorous sex with a nice girl called Emma."

THE DEBATE: Has Darren Lehmann set the new benchmark for cricket coaching?

"There are no fielders in the car park."

Recorded on 23/2/2014
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Reverse Swept Radio 54 - a cricket podcast

November 19th, 2013

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FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Ashes preview: looking forward to the non-heroes being heroes; and will this be Kevin Pietersen's final Ashes series?
"Welcome to the podcast still reeling from the events in Mumbai: Shiv Chanderpaul's 150th test match"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (6'25 onwards): Gatting and Rana — the 1987 incident
"As an umpire, he wanted to be a record-breaker"

THE REVIEW (14'50 onwards): David Tossell "Following On"
With apologies to the author if we repeatedly mis-pronounced his name. It's a very good book.

THE DEBATE (22'10 onwards): Are media mind games a waste of time?
"If you use ex-players for propaganda, it's going to backfire at some point"
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Reverse Swept Radio 53 - a cricket podcast

October 28th, 2013

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FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Converting to Pakistan; the dangers of anarchy in the South African dressing room; the BCCI's press restrictions; and how we could improve highlights packages.
"Who knows - maybe the BCCI would would restrict our own pinpoint opinions if we were to broadcast out of India"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (7'45 onwards): Stumbling on cricket in Oman
"Cracks in the pitch were 2 inches wide. You could lose whole bunches of keys down them."

THE REVIEW (15'00 onwards): Sujit Mukherjee "Autobiography of an unknown cricketer"
"It's not that I have a problem reading about obscure games - but if you do, you have to make the match reports compelling."

THE INTERVIEW (21'50 onwards): Ian Reid, founder of The Baggy Green

THE DEBATE (37'45 onwards): Did Sachin plan his retirement well?
"I wonder if we, as English cricket fans, just don't quite get it?"
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Reverse Swept Radio 52 - a cricket podcast

September 22nd, 2013

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FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Harare's moment in the limelight; looking forward to 50-over domestic cricket; Carberry's missed opportunity; and the futility of post-test ODI series. 

"The big question: will anyone actually remember this series?"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (6'55 onwards): A history of a rare dismissal: Handled the ball.
"Haynes stood his ground, insisting he wasn't aware of the law"

THE REVIEW (13'10 onwards): Jonathan Smith "The Following Game" 
"It's a ramble - but in the best possible way"

THE INTERVIEW (19'10 onwards): Jack Mendel, cricket journalist
"There aren't too many people disappointed that their county isn't in the Champions League"

THE DEBATE (28'00 onwards): Comparing cricketers from different eras is fun but ultimately futile
"I'm fairly sure Don Bradman could have seen in colour"
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Reverse Swept Radio 51 - a cricket podcast

September 22nd, 2013

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Ireland v England, the fixture we're all talking about; the ageless nature of village cricket; Samit Patel's ongoing woes; and the plight of Surrey CCC.

"People around my office stopped to listen"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (6'50 onwards): Richie Berrington, Scotland's T20 centurion
"When all the best batsman are playing T20, it's odd that one of the top 10 innings comes from a Scotsman"

THE BOOK REVIEW (14'15 onwards): David Kynaston "WG's Birthday Party"
"Counties were both the salvation and damnation of professional players"

THE INTERVIEW (20'50 onwards): Peter Della Penna, journalist
"It might as well have been Chinese. What the hell is LBW?"

THE DEBATE (34'20 onwards): England should stop poaching Irish players
"In the end, it's all down to individuals versus countries"
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Reverse Swept Radio 50 - a cricket podcast

September 22nd, 2013

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Steve Crook and the makings of a rock star; when Ashes was a field of underdogs, not heroes; and why Stuart Broad needs to do his talking with the ball.

"He ended up as the in-ground DJ at Northants for their limited over games"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (5'50 onwards): England v Pakistan, UAE, 2012; England v India, 2nd test, Mumbai, 2012

"I've had a hard week at work, I'm tucked up in bed eating cookies for breakfast, the heating isn't working. And what unfolds that morning is stunning."

THE REVIEW (12'05 onwards): Duncan Hamilton "A Last English Summer"; Neville Cardus "Cardus on Cricket"

"You need to be able to give good writers the opportunity to run free"

THE DEBATE (19'35 onwards): The cricketing world will be a significantly different place by Reverse Swept Radio episode 100.
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RSR49 - a cricket podcast

August 12th, 2013

FIVE-MINUTE FORTNIGHT: David Warner's inspired post-match interview; in praise of Sky Sports Ashes; whether India thrashing Zimbabwe 5-0 is good for either team; and why won't the Australians drop Shane Watson?      

FROM THE ARCHIVES (6'30 onwards): David Boon and 52 cans of beer      

THE REVIEW (14'00 onwards)'Harold Larwood' by Duncan Hamilton      

THE INTERVIEW (21'45 onwards)Oli Broom, author of 'Cycling to the Ashes'      

THE DEBATE (32'15 onwards): 'Cricket is best appreciated as a neutral'      

Recorded on 09/08/2013
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RSR48 - a cricket podcast

July 24th, 2013

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The joys of county T20 games at The Oval, and their disappointments; why we should be glad Richard Dawkins has got involved in the Ashes; and our attempts to watch international cricket continue to be cursed.

"In 2005 cricket was all over the front pages; in 2013 it's again on the front pages, but for very different reasons."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (9'20 onwards): Nick Compton

"For a man who left Middlesex because there weren't enough challenges, it will be interesting to see what comes next"

THE REVIEW (17'57 onwards): 'When Freddie became God: The 2009 Ashes' by Jarrod Kimber

"What makes this book special is its combination of being comic and being spot on"

THE INTERVIEW (24'45 onwards): Josh Green of Surrey Cricket Blog

"It's a real responsibility to actually pay attention to what's on the field"

THE DEBATE (46'40 onwards): "Is the current format of DRS fit for purpose"

In which our friendship and good humour was tested to breaking point.

Recorded on 24/7/2013

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