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RSR 77 - A Cricket Podcast

January 24th, 2016

TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The joy of short leg brilliance, Toby's Big Bash love affair, farewell to the mighty Shiv and the misery of being out of form. 

"There was always something wonderfully tragic hero about him."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (13'24): Time for Tea
"After two dozen oysters and a bottle of the Chablis, our performance in the game became a little laboured."

THE REVIEW (24'01): Warriors 
"For cricket evangelists, it's wonderful to see the sport be taken up with gusto."

Recorded on 24/1/2016 

RSR 76 - A Cricket Podcast

December 13th, 2015

TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: A glorious blockathon in Delhi, James Pattinson deciding to "stuff it", the Craig Overton controversy and the West Indies plumb the depths. 

"I'd rather not fly across the world to go to two days of a one-sided match."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (13'55): Cricket and the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award

"I think there's something that appeals to all of us about a player who was making the very most of the ability he had.

THE REVIEW (24'42): The Cricket Monthly 

"Kumar Sangakarra arrived in London absolutely desperate to buy a house boat."

Recorded on 13/12/2015


RSR 75 - A Cricket Podcast

November 15th, 2015

TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Nostalgia and a steam train at All Star Series Cricket, the utter brilliance of Kane Williamson, the frustrating impossibility of an India v Pakistan test series and the pain of a rained off cricket game. 

"One the most inglorious and inept cricket sides I've ever played for . . . I say that only with a great deal of love and the statistics to back it up."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'11): Cricket in the Somme

"There is something inherently optimistic in the act of practising; if you're practising, you're saying that "I'm going to play this again, I will be back in England and play this sport."" 

THE REVIEW (18'56): The Wrong Line - Andrew Ramsey

"You're being paid to generate content even when no real news is forthcoming."

Recorded on 15/11/2015


RSR 74 - A Cricket Podcast

November 1st, 2015

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Early season excitement in Australia, a breakthrough victory for Afghanistan, the Chris Cairns perjury trial and Gloucestershire consider becoming Bristol. 

"Guns being fired in the streets - you don't get that in St John's Wood."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (10'30): Sarah Taylor - a quiet cricket revolutionary

"He would obviously have said this after a long lunch with lots of claret."

THE REVIEW (19'15): Netherland - Joseph O'Neill

"It's the dodgy entrepreneurs who have always played a role in spreading the game."

Recorded on 1/11/2015


RSR 73 - A Cricket Podcast

September 13th, 2015

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Saluting two country cricket stalwarts, Brad Haddin's dignity in retirement, farewell to the WACA and missing out on county cricket. 

"A pitch as legendary as any in cricket."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (10'27): "It's absolute chaos" - Pitch Invasions in Cricket

"His bat, helmet and gloves were all stolen."

THE REVIEW (20'45): Death of a Gentleman

"They perfectly capture the culture of impunity at the top of the game."

THE INTERVIEW (30'18): Sam Collins (cricket journalist and co-director of Death of a Gentleman)

"We are framing a moral scandal."

Recorded on 13/9/2015


RSR 72 - A Cricket Podcast

August 15th, 2015

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Explaining cricket to a newcomer at Lord's, how the struggles of Australia's men have been an inadvertent boost for Australia's women, not mentioning the Ashes to Australians and the football season getting in the way.

"I wonder if there's any other sport that can be enjoyed as much even when you have no knowledge of what's going on."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (8'30): Indigenous Australian Cricket - Part 2: 1870 to the Present Day

"Jack Marsh proved that he could bowl his fastest ball with his arm straight by strapping two bits of wood to his arm when he bowled . . . They still called him for no balls."

THE REVIEW (20'07): Kim Hughes and the Bad Old Days of Australian Cricket - Christian Ryan

"Amongst the sadness, Hughes did still leave a special legacy."

Recorded on 15/8/2015


RSR 71 - A Cricket Podcast

July 26th, 2015

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Zimbabwe win their first ever T20 against India, Toby is won over by Guerilla Cricket, England's defeat at Lords was many things but it wasn't "shameful" and IPL corruption. 

"There was a bitter sense of entitlement to a lot of the coverage."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'49): Indigenous Australian Cricket - Part 1: The 1868 Aboriginal Tour of England

"Genuine spears were being thrown at him from a few metres away."

THE REVIEW (24'16): 5 Live Sports Special: The Art of Captaincy

"A fluke that had some thought behind it."

THE LAST WORD (32'32): To Edgbaston

"Obviously if we reversed the first two tests, we'd all be bouncing with confidence."

Recorded on 26/6/2015

RSR 70 - A Cricket Podcast

June 6th, 2015

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT : Ben Stokes' improbable 100, Worcestershire's no wicketkeeper experiment, Chanderpaul's dropping by text message and Craig Kieswetter's retirement. 

"Is Kool-Aid something that Ben Stokes does?"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (10'32): The art of knocking in a cricket bat

"I'm going to tell you a little bit about delamination."

THE REVIEW (17'27): The Captain and the Bookmaker (BBC 4 Documentary)

" The great motivator but also a great manipulator."   

THE LAST WORD (22'37): England v New Zealand ODIs

"Two test series' just feel really odd, really half-baked."

Recorded on 6/6/2015

RSR 69 - A Cricket Podcast

May 10th, 2015

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: A surprise fifty, the joys of after work cricket, the County Championship's impressive foreign legion and life without Peter Moores.

"On the basis that I'll never score a hundred, I really should have taken my helmet off."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (7'52): When Cricket and Music collide. 
"She must be the only person for whom Don Bradman is not a hero because of his cricketing prowess but because of his LP collection."

THE REVIEW (16'21): The Promise of Endless Summer
"Now all I can think is why old lad, why?"

THE INTERVIEW (22'52): Dennis Freedman of Dennis Does Cricket
"I don't see how you can pick someone based on performance but also pick someone based on race."
"I think there's a fantastic chance New Zealand will turn England over."

Recorded on 10/5/2015

RSR 68 - A Cricket Podcast

April 25th, 2015

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Stuck in traffic with a taxi driver who played for the Austrian cricket team, the surprising pleasures of a Bangladesh v Pakistan ODI series, the trials and tribulations of Andy's ball-by-ball commentary debut and remembering Richie Benaud. 

"I've had very few conversations with taxi drivers that could be described as revelatory."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (12'39): Eric Ravilious and the Wisden woodcut
"I think it's wonderful that the man who gave Wisden its front cover loved the village game."

THE REVIEW (21'11): The Little Wonder: The Remarkable History of Wisden - Robert Winder
"Winder shows that Wisden has always been about the joy of browsing."

THE DEBATE (29'50): Is James Anderson overrated? 
"There was this angry looking almost-teenager with a red streak through his hair."

Recorded on 19/4/2015