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RSR 56 - A Cricket Podcast

March 23rd, 2014

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Everyone loves Nepal, a brilliant photo of "Cabbage" in Antigua, two tests does not a series make and Giles Clarke tries to censor Sky. 

"It's an ongoing shambles."

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Virginia Woolf and Cricket 

"There's a large gap between her bat and pad although ultimately there's no pad; just an ankle-length black dress."

THE REVIEW: Batting on the Bosphorus - Angus Bell

"Vladimir in Slovakia knocks on the door of 1300 villagers to recruit them for his team."

THE DEBATE: "Do England need more of Stokes' locker-punching spirit?"

"Surely a management that can come up with a manual on what the players should eat, should have the foresight to add some padding to the lockers in the changing room?"

Recorded on 23/3/2014

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RSR 55 - A Cricket Podcast

February 23rd, 2014

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WE'RE BACK! Now with "studios" in both London and Sydney . . . 

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: NZ are more than plucky outsiders, a big win for Ireland, the new gloom of a 2014 England fan and the story of one Englishman showing the Aussies how it's done. 

"I tried to play a flashing cover drive and completely missed it" 

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Gatting drops a dolly
The story of what might just be the worst drop in test cricket history. 

"I don't think you can reasonably blame it on a dodgy prawn curry"

THE REVIEW: We'll Get 'Em in Sequins: Manliness, Yorkshire Cricket and the Century that changed everything - Max Davidson

"The latest Colin Firth movie followed by Pizza Express. Quick vigorous sex with a nice girl called Emma."

THE DEBATE: Has Darren Lehmann set the new benchmark for cricket coaching?

"There are no fielders in the car park."

Recorded on 23/2/2014
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Reverse Swept Radio 54 - a cricket podcast

November 19th, 2013

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FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Ashes preview: looking forward to the non-heroes being heroes; and will this be Kevin Pietersen's final Ashes series?
"Welcome to the podcast still reeling from the events in Mumbai: Shiv Chanderpaul's 150th test match"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (6'25 onwards): Gatting and Rana — the 1987 incident
"As an umpire, he wanted to be a record-breaker"

THE REVIEW (14'50 onwards): David Tossell "Following On"
With apologies to the author if we repeatedly mis-pronounced his name. It's a very good book.

THE DEBATE (22'10 onwards): Are media mind games a waste of time?
"If you use ex-players for propaganda, it's going to backfire at some point"
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Reverse Swept Radio 53 - a cricket podcast

October 28th, 2013

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FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Converting to Pakistan; the dangers of anarchy in the South African dressing room; the BCCI's press restrictions; and how we could improve highlights packages.
"Who knows - maybe the BCCI would would restrict our own pinpoint opinions if we were to broadcast out of India"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (7'45 onwards): Stumbling on cricket in Oman
"Cracks in the pitch were 2 inches wide. You could lose whole bunches of keys down them."

THE REVIEW (15'00 onwards): Sujit Mukherjee "Autobiography of an unknown cricketer"
"It's not that I have a problem reading about obscure games - but if you do, you have to make the match reports compelling."

THE INTERVIEW (21'50 onwards): Ian Reid, founder of The Baggy Green

THE DEBATE (37'45 onwards): Did Sachin plan his retirement well?
"I wonder if we, as English cricket fans, just don't quite get it?"
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Reverse Swept Radio 52 - a cricket podcast

September 22nd, 2013

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FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Harare's moment in the limelight; looking forward to 50-over domestic cricket; Carberry's missed opportunity; and the futility of post-test ODI series. 

"The big question: will anyone actually remember this series?"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (6'55 onwards): A history of a rare dismissal: Handled the ball.
"Haynes stood his ground, insisting he wasn't aware of the law"

THE REVIEW (13'10 onwards): Jonathan Smith "The Following Game" 
"It's a ramble - but in the best possible way"

THE INTERVIEW (19'10 onwards): Jack Mendel, cricket journalist
"There aren't too many people disappointed that their county isn't in the Champions League"

THE DEBATE (28'00 onwards): Comparing cricketers from different eras is fun but ultimately futile
"I'm fairly sure Don Bradman could have seen in colour"
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Reverse Swept Radio 51 - a cricket podcast

September 22nd, 2013

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Ireland v England, the fixture we're all talking about; the ageless nature of village cricket; Samit Patel's ongoing woes; and the plight of Surrey CCC.

"People around my office stopped to listen"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (6'50 onwards): Richie Berrington, Scotland's T20 centurion
"When all the best batsman are playing T20, it's odd that one of the top 10 innings comes from a Scotsman"

THE BOOK REVIEW (14'15 onwards): David Kynaston "WG's Birthday Party"
"Counties were both the salvation and damnation of professional players"

THE INTERVIEW (20'50 onwards): Peter Della Penna, journalist
"It might as well have been Chinese. What the hell is LBW?"

THE DEBATE (34'20 onwards): England should stop poaching Irish players
"In the end, it's all down to individuals versus countries"
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Reverse Swept Radio 50 - a cricket podcast

September 22nd, 2013

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Steve Crook and the makings of a rock star; when Ashes was a field of underdogs, not heroes; and why Stuart Broad needs to do his talking with the ball.

"He ended up as the in-ground DJ at Northants for their limited over games"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (5'50 onwards): England v Pakistan, UAE, 2012; England v India, 2nd test, Mumbai, 2012

"I've had a hard week at work, I'm tucked up in bed eating cookies for breakfast, the heating isn't working. And what unfolds that morning is stunning."

THE REVIEW (12'05 onwards): Duncan Hamilton "A Last English Summer"; Neville Cardus "Cardus on Cricket"

"You need to be able to give good writers the opportunity to run free"

THE DEBATE (19'35 onwards): The cricketing world will be a significantly different place by Reverse Swept Radio episode 100.
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RSR49 - a cricket podcast

August 12th, 2013

FIVE-MINUTE FORTNIGHT: David Warner's inspired post-match interview; in praise of Sky Sports Ashes; whether India thrashing Zimbabwe 5-0 is good for either team; and why won't the Australians drop Shane Watson?      

FROM THE ARCHIVES (6'30 onwards): David Boon and 52 cans of beer      

THE REVIEW (14'00 onwards)'Harold Larwood' by Duncan Hamilton      

THE INTERVIEW (21'45 onwards)Oli Broom, author of 'Cycling to the Ashes'      

THE DEBATE (32'15 onwards): 'Cricket is best appreciated as a neutral'      

Recorded on 09/08/2013
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RSR48 - a cricket podcast

July 24th, 2013

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The joys of county T20 games at The Oval, and their disappointments; why we should be glad Richard Dawkins has got involved in the Ashes; and our attempts to watch international cricket continue to be cursed.

"In 2005 cricket was all over the front pages; in 2013 it's again on the front pages, but for very different reasons."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (9'20 onwards): Nick Compton

"For a man who left Middlesex because there weren't enough challenges, it will be interesting to see what comes next"

THE REVIEW (17'57 onwards): 'When Freddie became God: The 2009 Ashes' by Jarrod Kimber

"What makes this book special is its combination of being comic and being spot on"

THE INTERVIEW (24'45 onwards): Josh Green of Surrey Cricket Blog

"It's a real responsibility to actually pay attention to what's on the field"

THE DEBATE (46'40 onwards): "Is the current format of DRS fit for purpose"

In which our friendship and good humour was tested to breaking point.

Recorded on 24/7/2013

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RSR47 - a cricket podcast

June 18th, 2013

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The simple joys of fast bowling, with Wahab Riaz and Kemar Roach; have England got their one day formula right; the ECB's plan to start the season abroad; and the heartwrench of falling short of a 50.

"It's an annoying cliche that the low-scoring games are the best - but it's kind of true as well"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (9'55 onwards): The carrom ball

"To even get the ball out of your hand with this grip is hard enough. To land it with any degree of accuracy requires masterly control."

THE REVIEW (20'25 onwards): 'Basil D'Oliveira - Cricket and conspiracy: The untold story' by Peter Oborne

"Ultimately it becomes a great story and a great piece of theatre through the walk-on roles - both heroes and villains"

THE INTERVIEW (28'00 onwards): Chris Smith of Declaration Game

"Cricket's long history means there's a lot of received wisdom. I like to pick up those things and test them."

THE DEBATE (39'36 onwards): "The Champions Trophy will be missed"

"The Champions Trophy has always been the odd sibling in the ICC tournament family"

Recorded on 15/6/2013

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