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RSR150: The new Warne documentary, the most consecutive Test maidens, and Marnus’ homemade spin kit

February 22nd, 2022

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Marnus Labuschagne prepares for the subcontinent, and Toby takes a rare catch as keeper

"I remember a player reverse sweeping in a village game, and the keeper was so offended by the reverse sweep that he gave the batsman an uncharacteristic send off."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (8'50): The most consecutive test maidens ever 

"Many of the team were suffering from what The Times rather wonderfully described as 'internal misfortunes'."

THE REVIEW (17'15): Shane: The King of Spin

"If you have never heard of Shane Warne, we would heartily recommend this film."

Recorded on 22 February 2022

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