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RSR 97 - A Cricket Podcast

November 15th, 2017

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Zimbabwe take part in an entertaining series against the West Indies but the future for test cricket in the country is uncertain. The Women's Ashes takes over Down Under. 

"We quickly realised hosting tests is something that costs us a lot of money and that's a commodity we don't have at the moment."


FROM THE ARCHIVES (12'20): Graeme Smith comes in at eleven  

"Doing so with an injured left hand and an injured right elbow is beyond insanity." 


THE INTERVIEW (22'44): Julian Bishop  

“We decided we were going to visit as many county grounds this summer as possible."


THE REVIEW (33'28): Race and Pace  

"A very common tactic was that if you knew you were facing Charlie Griffith that week, you took your holiday that week." 


Recorded on 15/11/17