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RSR 91 - A Cricket Podcast

May 7th, 2017

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Zafar Ansari's retirement, the Women's World Cup, struggling to get a team out and a lack of test matches for Australia. 

"A core part of our crowd are at their happiest when the team is taking a thumping."


FROM THE ARCHIVES (12'36): The Massacre at Sabina Park - 4th Test between West Indies and India in 1976 

""Kill him man!""


THE REVIEW (22'36): On Top Down Under: Australia's Cricket Captains - Ray Robinson (with Gideon Haigh)

“When Trott climbed out of the bath and towelled himself the first thing on was his felt hat.” (I actually forgot to bring up this glorious line during the episode but put it here for your enjoyment). 


Recorded on 7/5/17