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Reverse Swept Radio 148 - A Cricket Podcast

January 11th, 2022

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Andy reviews his highlights of 2021, and enjoying Iceland on Twitter.

"The memory of sitting in the sun, at the top of the Radcliffe Road stand, stuffing my face with Scotch Eggs, will be one to keep me going through the winter months."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (7'45): Chris Martin, the King of Tailenders

"Seeing a tailender desperately backing away to leg is perhaps the only thing that we can all relate to in test cricket. So thank you Chris Martin and Alan Mullally for giving us that."

THE REVIEW (18'05): Project Ashes (BBC podcast)

"The problem is encapsulated in the title of the podcast itself. We shouldn't have a Project Ashes, after all."

Recorded on 11 January 2022

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