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Reverse Swept Radio 141 - A Cricket Podcast

July 12th, 2021

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Andy rediscovers the joy of bowling, and Toby enjoys a 'shock' England call-up

"These days, like so many batsman who don't really bowl, I attempt offspin. Much to my astonishment, my second ball turned and hit middle stump. I had so little faith in my bowling, that I didn't celebrate but assumed that the keeper had knocked the bails off."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (8'25): Samuel Beckett, the cricketer

"I recently read a theory that Waiting for Godot is all about cricket. At the heart of the play is the question of how you keep an audience glued to their seats while everything happened for several days? A perfect description for cricket. ."

THE REVIEW (17'15): Sweet Summers: The Classic Cricket Writing of JM Kilburn, edited by Duncan Hamilton 

"Toby, where do you rank him on the curmudgeon spectrum? Andy, that's called leading the witness."

Recorded 10 July 2021

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