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Reverse Swept Radio 140 - A Cricket Podcast

June 19th, 2021

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Controversy at Windsor Great Park, and two intriguing tests  

"We had a lovely afternoon that degenerated horribly in the last ten minutes. To the extent that many didn't shake hands at the end."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (7'30): Dennis Lillee's Aluminium Bat

"Lillee didn't pretend that this was anything other than a promotional stunt. Unlike in baseball, this wasn't about enhancing performance. It was about getting product on TV just before Christmas to boost the sales."

THE REVIEW (15'25): John Arlott: Cricket's Radical Voice (BBC radio documentary produced by Mark Whitaker)

"Arlott could take people with him who perhaps others couldn't. There were many who would shrink from what would be seen as a left-wing militant cause, but would see Arlott's support and then follow it."

Recorded 17 June 2021

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