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Reverse Swept Radio 135 - A Cricket Podcast

February 8th, 2021

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Joe Root's lockdown viewing, welcoming a future test cricketer, and a jawdropping shot at the BBL

"When you're in those first, sleep-deprived moments of parenthood, I'd imagine that having a test match on in the background must be a great thing."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (9'20): More cricketing etymology, including the origins of the word 'cricket'

"This is where I'm going to get really Tudor with some of my pronunciations."

THE REVIEW (19'05): The Cricketer, February 2021 edition

"I know that cricket administration matters, and I'm very grateful to journalists for keeping the administrators honest. But I couldn't help craving more cricket, and finding the administrative stuff homework reading."

Recorded 6 February 2021

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