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Reverse Swept Radio 133 - A Cricket Podcast

January 4th, 2021

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Fawad Alam's masterful ducking, and the chance to spend a whole day listening to the test

"Wagner defied two broken toes to bowl with energy and aggression. And he finally got his man."

INTERVIEW (7'20): Chris Smith, from The Declaration Game

"My process is what sometimes gets criticised in wider society: the echo chamber effect of Twitter."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (25'30): The tragedy and triumph of the 1953 Christmas Eve test

"When a country's at its lowest, we look to sportsmen to be our heroes. But what a burden to carry when there's a personal connection too."

THE REVIEW (36'05): The Champion (radio play about the life of WG Grace, 1993) 

"We hear about Australians not knowing what a roller is. Instead, they go into the village, find the person with the biggest feet, and ask them to tramp down the pitch."

Recorded 2 January 2021

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