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Reverse Swept Radio 121 - A Cricket Podcast

March 8th, 2020

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: A new study into cricket tourism, and New Zealand's world-beating opening bowlers

"Let's all head back to last summer, when we were all in Ben Stokes wonderland and weren't thinking about coronavirus - and the ICC had just published a report, which is a thrilling start to any podcast."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (09'00): When Kenya toppled the Windies

"Iqbal had dropped so many balls that the bowlers started laughing at him - so Lara's assumption, when he edges to the keeper, is that he'll get away with it."

THE REVIEW (20'50): Crossing the Line: How Australian Cricket Lost its Way by Gideon Haigh

"You got told off for not filling out your mental health survey, even though the reason was you were suffering from depression."

Recorded on 3 March 2020

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