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Reverse Swept Radio 118 - A Cricket Podcast

December 22nd, 2019

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Looking forward to county cricket and pitying the plight of groundsmen.

"We sit here now, thinking that it will be beautiful in April. Generally it's still frostbite territory."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (07'15): The first ever IPL auction

"You can imagine how galling it is to be the right player with the right skill set, but just a couple of years too late."

THE REVIEW (18'45): Pushing the Boundaries by Derek Pringle

"If you ever thought it was tough for modern cricketers: Gunner Gould, fielding near the boundary in Australia, finds himself having a meat pie dumped on his head by a spectator. The astonishing thing is that he manages to make a retort to the crowd which gets them on his side."

Recorded on 13 December 2019