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Reverse Swept Radio 117 - A Cricket Podcast

November 17th, 2019

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The end of season club cricket celebration, and a changed mood in Australian cricket

"All everyone really wanted to do was reminisce about seasons past. No one could get bored of talking about cricket, even down to the minutiae of failed innings a couple of seasons ago."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (09'20): The wonderful world of cricket memorabilia

"The most expensive cricket item ever sold? A piece of memorabilia that can't actually be used, and you'll never have heard of the person who owned it."

THE REVIEW (19'20): Absolutely Foxed by Graeme Fowler

"For anyone who tells you cricket is a loveable sport, read that description. It will remind you how brutal a game it can be."

Recorded on 16 November 2019

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