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Reverse Swept Radio 108 - A Cricket Podcast

January 19th, 2019

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The primary school cricket world record attempt in London, and the Kiwis show off their sportiness with a new cricket v rugby trophy. 

"The reality is that we'll crash out in the group stages and Hackney Marshes will suffer a monsoon."


FROM THE ARCHIVES (08'35): Arjuna Ranatunga - his runners, and the end of running

"Graeme Smith said 'I don't know if I want to be likened to Arjuna. I've worked quite hard in the winter'."


THE REVIEW (17'45): Chasing Shadows: The Life and Death of Peter Roebuck - Elliott Cartledge and Tim Lane

"'He sat down in the wicket and shouted 'What's the point of life'. An hour later, he'd taken 9 for 12." 


Recorded on 17 January 2019

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