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RSR 87 - A Cricket Podcast

January 8th, 2017 · Comments

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Declaration Game's Select XI of Cricket Blog Posts, Australia's revival, the Big Bash (but no county cricket) on UK free-to-air TV and the T20 v Tests scheduling issues. 

"I've never quite been able to come around to rooting for Australia."


FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'32): The Googly 

"While playing a casual game of "Twisti-Twosti", you can innovate to your heart's content."

The Scapegoat of Cricket by Bosanquet


THE REVIEW (22'01): Supreme Bowling: 100 Great Test Performances - Compiled and Edited by Patrick Ferriday and Dave Wilson

"Cricket is always a game of stats but it's actually relatively rare to read cricket writing that attempts true analysis."


Recorded on 8/1/17


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RSR 86 - A Cricket Podcast

December 11th, 2016 · Comments

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The MCC World Cricket Committee, a day at the SCG, Scotland's captain retires in the face of indifference to the Associates and Toby suffers a cricketing existential crisis.

"You suddenly think to yourself "why do I do this?""


FROM THE ARCHIVES (13'12): The Victor Trumper photo

"I was in the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, turned a corner and there it was, possibly the most iconic cricket image of all time."


THE REVIEW (22'29): Resilient - Mitchell Johnson 

"You do have to be a little bit resilient while reading this."


Recorded on 10/12/16


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RSR 83 - A Cricket Podcast

July 31st, 2016 · Comments

TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The arrival of the Women's Cricket Super League, Nevill and O'Keefe's heroic last stand, the difficulty of finding county cricket to watch and do we have to "feed the snake"?

"It felt like the match had become a backdrop to a massive stag do." 

FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'25): Fred Goodall v the West Indies
"When asked whether he'd ever meet Croft again, Goodall replied "Not on your nelly.""

THE REVIEW (21'58): Philip Hughes: The Official Biography - Peter Lalor and Malcolm Knox

"At the age of 9, he was scoring big hundreds with a maturity which observers hadn't seen before."

Recorded on 31/6/16 

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RSR 80 - A Cricket Podcast

April 24th, 2016 · Comments

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Ben Duckett's breakthrough, James Taylor's dignity and courage in the face of his premature retirement, Grant Flower's frank assessment of Pakistan's lack of professionalism and a bong in the shape of Shane Warne's head. 

"I don't personally know what a speed dealer looks like." 

FROM THE ARCHIVES (12'13): The joy of cricket board games 
(including Owzthat, Calculator Cricket, Book Cricket, Armchair Cricket and the Test Match Game)

"These games are only as good as the imaginations of those playing them."

THE REVIEW (25'45): Fatty Batter - Michael Simkins

"A nudge into the crisp boxes at third man counts as a single."
Recorded on 24/4/2016


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RSR 77 - A Cricket Podcast

January 24th, 2016 · Comments

TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The joy of short leg brilliance, Toby's Big Bash love affair, farewell to the mighty Shiv and the misery of being out of form. 

"There was always something wonderfully tragic hero about him."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (13'24): Time for Tea
"After two dozen oysters and a bottle of the Chablis, our performance in the game became a little laboured."

THE REVIEW (24'01): Warriors 
"For cricket evangelists, it's wonderful to see the sport be taken up with gusto."

Recorded on 24/1/2016 

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RSR 70 - A Cricket Podcast

June 6th, 2015 · Comments

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT : Ben Stokes' improbable 100, Worcestershire's no wicketkeeper experiment, Chanderpaul's dropping by text message and Craig Kieswetter's retirement. 

"Is Kool-Aid something that Ben Stokes does?"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (10'32): The art of knocking in a cricket bat

"I'm going to tell you a little bit about delamination."

THE REVIEW (17'27): The Captain and the Bookmaker (BBC 4 Documentary)

" The great motivator but also a great manipulator."   

THE LAST WORD (22'37): England v New Zealand ODIs

"Two test series' just feel really odd, really half-baked."

Recorded on 6/6/2015

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RSR 59 - A Cricket Podcast

July 6th, 2014 · Comments

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Jason Roy's casual violence, the slippery spirit of cricket, the unbalanced Olympic debate and the ICC mistreats Tonga. 

"This seems pretty harsh on a tiny and impoverished Pacific Island."

FROM THE ARCHIVES: The tournament no-one asked for - The Afro-Asian Cup
"There would be a lot of competition for the title of worst organised cricket tournament in history."
THE REVIEW: The Great Tamasha - James Astill
"He was rejected from a youth team for having too many teeth."
THE DEBATE: Will Alistair Cook survive the ongoing furore over his captaincy?
"He made the mistake of trying to play the media at their own game."
Recorded on 6/7/2014

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RSR 58 - A Cricket Podcast

May 28th, 2014 · Comments

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The rise of the Overton twins, Trescothick's renaissance, dodgy dealings in the BBL and ongoing rumblings over suspect actions.

"There's a huge satisfaction in seeing the brilliance of a player who you never expected to be able to produce his best again."


"All of these amazing literary characters, all of their amazing imaginations and there they were playing this most stimulating of games."
THE REVIEW: Field of Shadows - Dan Waddell

"It's not very good for morale if you're punching your fielders when they drop catches."

THE DEBATE: "Any cricket fan who gets angry with their team is taking it all too seriously."

"We'd rather have people online writing nasty comments than throwing rocks at batsman's houses."

Recorded on 28/5/2014

Tags: cricket · blog · podcast · county cricket · england · australia · book review

RSR 57 - A Cricket Podcast

April 21st, 2014 · Comments

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The Easter resurrection of Peter Moores, the talented Mr Mills, missing county cricket from Australia and a rainy false start for the village season. 

"Cricket is a wonderful sport for teaching us about dealing with failure and dashed expectations."

FROM THE ARCHIVES: A bowling machine called Merlyn

"It's artificial, like making love to a statue." 

THE REVIEW: No Holding Back - Michael Holding

"He owned the best petrol station in the entirety of Jamaica."

THE INTERVIEW: Phil Harrison

"Everyone who follows sport, wishes on some level that they'd made it."

THE DEBATE: "It's wrong that England are trying to take Paul Farbrace from Sri Lanka."

"There's a sense of England throwing their financial muscle around that makes me uncomfortable."

Recorded on 21/4/2014


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Reverse Swept Radio 54 - a cricket podcast

November 19th, 2013 · Comments

Download on iTunes here.

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Ashes preview: looking forward to the non-heroes being heroes; and will this be Kevin Pietersen's final Ashes series?
"Welcome to the podcast still reeling from the events in Mumbai: Shiv Chanderpaul's 150th test match"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (6'25 onwards): Gatting and Rana — the 1987 incident
"As an umpire, he wanted to be a record-breaker"

THE REVIEW (14'50 onwards): David Tossell "Following On"
With apologies to the author if we repeatedly mis-pronounced his name. It's a very good book.

THE DEBATE (22'10 onwards): Are media mind games a waste of time?
"If you use ex-players for propaganda, it's going to backfire at some point"

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