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June 18th, 2013

FIVE MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The simple joys of fast bowling, with Wahab Riaz and Kemar Roach; have England got their one day formula right; the ECB's plan to start the season abroad; and the heartwrench of falling short of a 50.

"It's an annoying cliche that the low-scoring games are the best - but it's kind of true as well"

FROM THE ARCHIVES (9'55 onwards): The carrom ball

"To even get the ball out of your hand with this grip is hard enough. To land it with any degree of accuracy requires masterly control."

THE REVIEW (20'25 onwards): 'Basil D'Oliveira - Cricket and conspiracy: The untold story' by Peter Oborne

"Ultimately it becomes a great story and a great piece of theatre through the walk-on roles - both heroes and villains"

THE INTERVIEW (28'00 onwards): Chris Smith of Declaration Game

"Cricket's long history means there's a lot of received wisdom. I like to pick up those things and test them."

THE DEBATE (39'36 onwards): "The Champions Trophy will be missed"

"The Champions Trophy has always been the odd sibling in the ICC tournament family"

Recorded on 15/6/2013