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RSR 92 - A Cricket Podcast

June 12th, 2017

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: ODI upsets, a bigger Oval, a resignation letter and Joe Root's facial hair. 

"I had a couple of beers and was looking at Joe Root, particularly at his chin."


FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'47): The History of Streaking

"He decided with his spare hand to give this young gentleman a wrap around the buttocks with his bat."


THE REVIEW (23'29): A Bat, A Ball and A Boy

“The bowling machine is a real Heath Robinson-esque contraption with a propeller that looks like it would be capable of taking off."


Recorded on 11/6/17

RSR 91 - A Cricket Podcast

May 7th, 2017

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Zafar Ansari's retirement, the Women's World Cup, struggling to get a team out and a lack of test matches for Australia. 

"A core part of our crowd are at their happiest when the team is taking a thumping."


FROM THE ARCHIVES (12'36): The Massacre at Sabina Park - 4th Test between West Indies and India in 1976 

""Kill him man!""


THE REVIEW (22'36): On Top Down Under: Australia's Cricket Captains - Ray Robinson (with Gideon Haigh)

“When Trott climbed out of the bath and towelled himself the first thing on was his felt hat.” (I actually forgot to bring up this glorious line during the episode but put it here for your enjoyment). 


Recorded on 7/5/17

RSR 90 - A Cricket Podcast

April 17th, 2017

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The survival of the defiant blockers, cricket at the Olympic Stadium, the futility of winter nets and the demise of camaraderie between professional sides. 

"There's not the sense of perspective that allows you to step back and say "now is the moment for us to have a beer.""


FROM THE ARCHIVES (10'20): Cricketing Etymology 

"If you "pull Yorkshire", you're deceiving someone."


THE REVIEW (21'32): The Test by Simon Jones (with Jon Hotten)

"The fast bowler's breakfast - two ibuprofen and two paracetamol."


Recorded on 17/4/17

RSR 89 - A Cricket Podcast

February 19th, 2017

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: When the fans saved Alistair Cook, Zimbabwe v Afghanistan, ECB's All Star Scheme and the worrying rise of head injuries. 

"Their noise made absolutely clear that he was their man."


FROM THE ARCHIVES (13'46): Cricket Posters on the London Underground 

"On the left is a kangaroo, on the right is a lion and they are smiling at each other."


THE REVIEW (22'08): Stroke of Genius by Gideon Haigh

"W.G. Grace had to be convinced that there was such a thing as a follow through."


Recorded on 19/2/17

RSR 88 - A Cricket Podcast

January 29th, 2017

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Making peace with ODIs, Ricky Ponting shoots from the hip, Bangladesh get close but not close enough and the sacrilege of replacing the coin toss with an app. 

"Tossing a coin shouldn't really be beyond people who are about to throw cricket balls at one another."


FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'05): Lawrence Rowe 

"One of those batsmen who was all about the timing."


THE REVIEW (23'32): Laughter at the Wicket by Harry East

"I'm told they play cricket in other places besides Yorkshire. On reflection, I realize that they must, otherwise we should have nobody to beat."


Recorded on 29/1/17

RSR 87 - A Cricket Podcast

January 8th, 2017

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Declaration Game's Select XI of Cricket Blog Posts, Australia's revival, the Big Bash (but no county cricket) on UK free-to-air TV and the T20 v Tests scheduling issues. 

"I've never quite been able to come around to rooting for Australia."


FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'32): The Googly 

"While playing a casual game of "Twisti-Twosti", you can innovate to your heart's content."

The Scapegoat of Cricket by Bosanquet


THE REVIEW (22'01): Supreme Bowling: 100 Great Test Performances - Compiled and Edited by Patrick Ferriday and Dave Wilson

"Cricket is always a game of stats but it's actually relatively rare to read cricket writing that attempts true analysis."


Recorded on 8/1/17

RSR 86 - A Cricket Podcast

December 11th, 2016

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The MCC World Cricket Committee, a day at the SCG, Scotland's captain retires in the face of indifference to the Associates and Toby suffers a cricketing existential crisis.

"You suddenly think to yourself "why do I do this?""


FROM THE ARCHIVES (13'12): The Victor Trumper photo

"I was in the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, turned a corner and there it was, possibly the most iconic cricket image of all time."


THE REVIEW (22'29): Resilient - Mitchell Johnson 

"You do have to be a little bit resilient while reading this."


Recorded on 10/12/16

RSR 85 - A Cricket Podcast

October 30th, 2016

TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Andy has now officially played with an England test cricketer (and may keep banging on about it), revelations in Oz including the non-reconciliation between Katich and Clarke, failing to win a duck-shaped trophy and how to ruin a friendly game of club cricket. 

"He squared up to one of the meekest members of our team and asked him if he wanted a fight."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (14'52): Mankading

"Mankad did have a defender of considerable repute on his side, a certain Don Bradman."

THE REVIEW (24'18): Howzat! Kerry Packer's War

"All over the world, these board members are dropping their cups of tea."

Recorded on 30/10/16

RSR 84- A Cricket Podcast

September 25th, 2016

TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The County Championship finale, leaving a ball that hits the top of middle stump and early season excitement in Oz. 

"This season I did whatever the opposite of "kicking on" is."

FROM THE ARCHIVES (13'21): Single Wicket Cricket

"Where would we be without Lumpy?"

THE REVIEW (24'37): 28 Days Data: England's Troubled Relationship with One Day Cricket - Peter Miller and Dave Tickner

"We failed a lot in the past and haven't ever properly responded; maybe this time we failed so badly that we finally have."

Recorded on 25/9/16

RSR 83 - A Cricket Podcast

July 31st, 2016

TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The arrival of the Women's Cricket Super League, Nevill and O'Keefe's heroic last stand, the difficulty of finding county cricket to watch and do we have to "feed the snake"?

"It felt like the match had become a backdrop to a massive stag do." 

FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'25): Fred Goodall v the West Indies
"When asked whether he'd ever meet Croft again, Goodall replied "Not on your nelly.""

THE REVIEW (21'58): Philip Hughes: The Official Biography - Peter Lalor and Malcolm Knox

"At the age of 9, he was scoring big hundreds with a maturity which observers hadn't seen before."

Recorded on 31/6/16