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Reverse Swept Radio 109 - A Cricket Podcast

March 4th, 2019

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Peter Oborne and Mike Brearley talk cricket in London, while in Sydney the ABC is on a rare winning streak.

"It was a life highlight when he described my question as 'extremely interesting'."


FROM THE ARCHIVES (12'55): The Toss: A brief history of a cricketing institution

"When things aren't going your way on the pitch, and then you lose every toss, you start to fear the world has it in for you more generally. Nasser Hussain always had the aura of 'him against the universe'."


THE REVIEW (26'50): All Wickets Great and Small: In Search of Yorkshire's Grassroots Cricket - John Fuller

"We go everywhere on the bus, and we quickly learn that John Fuller is passionate about cricket but also happy to give his tuppence worth on public transport."

Recorded on 29 February 2019

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