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December 4th, 2012

THE 5 MINUTE FORTNIGHT: KP is king, outswingers are beautiful and we all feel sorry for Imran Tahir.

(Give the man a hug!)

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Ricky Ponting in a nightclub and other off-field incidents which have changed careers

(Including a barmaid from Leicester and a certain pedalo)

THE REVIEW: Out of the Blue - Aakash Chopra

(Would you practice for 16 hours a day?)

THE INTERVIEW: Samir Chopra - writer of Cricinfo's The Pitch, author of The Brave New Pitch and Professor of Philosophy.

("The length of the encounter makes it such a fertile place for us to exercise our imagination")

THE DEBATE: "The rise of the millionaire cricketer should be celebrated."

Recorded on 2/12/2012

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